Serpent of Salvation conclusion.

I’d would like to mention that the book and links of everything I blog on here i will disclose for now on. This particular nugget of knowledge comes from a website called

There was a time when all this knowledge was written down and passed on. But this period lasted until the “Conversion of Constantine” and the reinforcement of the roman church as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Since then,books and documents about Gnosis have been forbidden,persecuted and destroyed. Very few of these texts remain.

Origen for example described a Gnostic diagram in which you can clearly see a serpent dividing the two worlds,the created world and the uncreated world. Although no-one likes this dualism this is how reality is and has to be accepted. Gnostics know that another extremely perfect world exsists which has nothing to do with this one. Origen was able to have access to these Gnostic diagrams and books,to all this information in order to later criticize it as did Saint Augustine,Tertullin,Irenaeus of Lyons ,Epiphanius and many others.

Just as the creator cursed the serpent when it destroyed his plans and ruined his work ,so must the creator be cursed by every man who has woken up. Just as the creator cursed the Serpent of Salvation ,so the creator himself will be cursed as long as he exists,by every Spirit liberated from his clutches. Hippolytus,horrified observed that even though he knew that Gnostics likened the creator god with satan had never imagined that they would also curse him.

In fact,in the few Gnostic books rescued from the flames we see that the creator god is sometimes called satan. Gnostic tradition refers to the demiurge as “satan” the creator of the world and man” satan and his demons ,creators of the world and other such things.


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