More on the Serpent of Salvation.

Christ,the bearer of this message,this Gnosis has been likened to the Serpent of Genesis who returns to Earth for a second time to help humanity. The first coming was Serpent Lucifer and the second was Christ Lucifer. According to christian Gnosis when Christ came to the world it was his second time since his first time was in the earthly paradise, in both cases it was actually Lucifer the Messenger of the Unknowable. In both cases the message was the same :Gnosis that disturbs,causes changes, wakes up and liberates those who listen to it. For Christian Gnostics  the Serpent is Christ,the Saviour who came to this world twice.

There is a Gnostic diagram of a crucified serpent hammered on a cross which further shows the Gnostic identity between the Serpent of Genesis and Christ. There are myths which state that the cross on which Christ was crucified was made of wood from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 



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